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Logo-1 Residents of Bushbuckridge requested to take part in Anti-Rhino campaign - The Kruger National Park is requesting all residents of Bushbuckridge to take part in the fight against Rhino poaching. According to the Kruger National parkΓÇÖs head of communication Mr. William Mabasa, ΓÇ£last year only more than 250 Rhinos got killed for their horns. This year 2013 already 65 Rhinos had been killed, and more than [...]
06092010-001_9 Bushbuckridge local municipality set to improve the local economic development - Bushbuckridge Local Municipality held a local economic development Indaba from the 04th 08th February at the Municipal chamber. The Indaba was held with other partners such as Bushbuckridge Business unity, Pastors, Councillors, Tribal councils and other stake holders. According to the Bushbuckridge Local Municipality Mayor Renius Khumalo the Indaba was to get ways from all [...]


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